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Infrastructure Virtualization Data Availability and Management

Simplify your IT infrastructure as you create a more dynamic and flexible datacenter with Virtual proven server and datacenter virtualization solutions. Ensure continued IT innovation while meeting enterprise application SLAs and increase time-to-market for application provisioning and upgrades. virtualization helps you reduce capital expenses through server consolidation and improve operating expenses through automation, while minimizing lost revenue by reducing both planned and unplanned downtime.

Get automated operations management for the new dynamic virtual infrastructures , so you can accelerate IT service delivery, improve operational efficiency, ensure compliance and reduce risk.
. Reduce costs by increasing energy efficiency and requiring less hardware with server consolidation.
. Build up business continuity through improved disaster recovery solutions and deliver high availability throughout the datacenter.
. Virtualize enterprise apps, including Oracle, Exchange, SQL Server, Sharepoint and SAP, and deliver the highest SLAs and top performance.
. Use policy-based automation and ensure compliance and performance with a zero-touch infrastructure for virtualization management.

Desktop Virtualization

Delivering desktops as a managed service lets you create a more flexible IT infrastructure so you can help your business respond more quickly to market changes and opportunities. Deploy applications and desktops faster and more consistently to a wider variety of clients, lowering costs while improving service levels. Extend the life of legacy applications and eliminate installation conflicts by virtualizing applications. For remote and branch offices, move your desktops into the cloud and deliver them as a managed service wherever they’re needed while retaining the control and security you need.

Streamline deployment and management by delivering desktops as a service.
Virtualize Windows applications for easier OS migration as you package once, deploy everywhere.
Give secure remote access to teleworkers and temporary workers without sacrificing performance or security.

Virtualizing Enterprise Applications

Even demanding applications like Exchange and Oracle can be virtualized, letting you meet and exceed the performance of physical servers while eliminating the need to overprovision. Meet your service levels and maximize infrastructure efficiency with VMware vSphere, which dynamically allocates resources as your applications need them. Set up a standardized service catalog to deploy applications in minutes for on-demand provisioning while ensuring consistency across application instances. Check out ourlist of vendors who officially support their applications running on the VMware platform, including Oracle, SAP, Microsoft, and many more.

Double the performance of your Exchange by running all Exchange server roles, including the mailbox server, on VMware vSphere.
Consolidate SQL on vSphere to cut costs by 50% while accelerating database delivery and ensuring database Quality of Service.
Virtualize Sharepoint so you can easily scale up resources on the fly, move workloads as needed and deal with planned maintenance with no downtime.
Run Oracle databases, middleware and applications on vSphere for improved time-to-market and total-cost-of-ownership.

virtualization and Management Solutions from VMware

Business Continuity
VMware simplifies business continuity by delivering a flexible IT environment and automating backup, failure detection, and recovery, for your server and desktop workloads.
Business continuity begins with the industry’s most robust virtualization platform: VMware vSphere. Give all your applicationshigh availability protection, so apps automatically come back in just a few minutes when server failures occur. Run your most important applications with fault tolerance protection to get continuous availability even through sever failures. If your business has multiple sites, VMware enables you to automate disaster recovery planning and execution with Site Recovery Manager.
VMware delivers “better-than-physical security” with virtualization-aware security that stays with your virtual machines no matter where they are running. Manage your security in a single comprehensive framework at all levels – host, network, application, data, and endpoints, all in a single pane of glass. VMware security solutions can also work seamlessly with your existing security solutions. There’s a reason why all of the Fortune 100 and military and government installation trust VMware.
Server Consolidation
Deploying new applications while dealing with platform dependencies can lead to server sprawl and quickly drive up costs. VMware gives you control and flexibility with the highest consolidation ratios in the industry. This means you can better utilize your hardware and run more applications while ensuring performance levels. The result is less servers to manage, and increased flexibility to provision new apps without buying a new server every time.
Automation and Performance
Running IT environments can be tedious with numerous manual tasks to set up new applications and constant monitoring of your apps to make sure they’re performing. VMware addresses both these challenges. Accelerate provisioning time by up to 70% with reusable images all done from a single pane of glass. And ensure service levels for your most critical applications with policy-based compute, network, and storage resource prioritization.
Simplified Setup and Management
From installing and configuring vSphere to ongoing management of your virtual and physical infrastructure, VMware keeps it simple with a web-based infrastructure management service. Even if you’re new to virtualization, get started with wizard-like simplicity using VMware Go.
Infrastructure as a Service
Whether you’re looking for a service providers to run your apps with production service levels, or just need some additional capacity for development and testing, VMware gives you options. VMware’s certified vCloud Datacenter partners deliver enterprise-class infrastructure services. To quickly get computing capacity for with development, vCloud Express partners provide on-demand, pay-as-you-go cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS).

Email and Collaboration

Many existing email solutions cannot support multiple user platforms – they are desktop centric, and have limited capabilities while offline, and don’t easily integrate with other applications.
VMware addresses these challenges with an enterprise-class, open source email, calendar, and collaboration platform:VMware Zimbra. You can simplify administration while end users maximize productivity with a feature rich experience with anywhere access. Your business can benefit from integration or mash-ups with other applications to streamline workflows.Watch video on Introducing VMware Zimbra Collaboration Server 7

Desktop Virtualization

From hosted virtual desktops solutions to running multiple environments on PC or Macs, VMware is the gold standard for end-user computing virtualization. With VMware, you have the option to modernize your desktops into untethered workspaces available from anywhere, at any time, or simply run multiple operating systems on your PC or Mac.

VMware’s centralized desktop virtualization solution, VMware View, benefits from vSphere’s business continuity and security features. View delivers rich virtual desktops to end users with a single view of all their applications and data in a familiar, personalized environment. End users get flexibility, while you minimize costs for desktop and application management.

You also have the option run multiple computing environments directly on your desktop. VMware Workstation for PCs enables you to quickly switch between different computing environments, set multi-tier configurations and networks, create multiple virtual machine snapshots, and more. Built from the ground up for the Mac, VMware Fusion lets users run all Windows applications and devices on any Intel-based Mac.