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The Internet has made life and Information access much easier than ever before. Today we all know the reality that if we have a access to internet we are exposed to certain threats of Viruses, Spamming, Spyware, Ransomware, Malicious codes too. Interestingly there are many solutions too to help protect your Information.

Business Continuity is not just all about backup and replication or creating DR, it also demands complete protection from External and Internal Security Threats.
We all are well aware Proactive Management has ensured more security than reactive Management; however we need regular management and Review
Viruses and attacks are no longer an irritation; they have become a serious Business concern and demand Investment of time, effort and resources



Simple Question

Is External Security Taken Care ?
Is there an Internal Threat ?
How About third Party Support Staff ?
Are your Business Critical Server Secured from all Visitors ?
How About the Password Change ?
Do You remember all the Password given in the past ?
What if you are not able to recall the password for the last Data which you saved on the Disk ?
Is your Remote Office using the Resources for Business Use ?
Are you employees Watching Cricket and Stocks ?
Is your connectivity to the Remote Office Secure ?
Are your employees using and for Sending out Critical data on their Mail ID ?
Are your Server and Desktop updated with Latest AntiVirus Signatures ?
How about the latest Patches on all the Desktop, Laptops and Servers ?
Are all the Unused Ports on Network and Servers Blocked and protected ?
Who deleted the Data from the servers ?
Who Installed the last Application Patch ?



The solution focus is on both Threat management and Identity & Access Management complemented by our Services of Patch management and Vulnerability Management Moving one step ahead we have the flexibility of offering solution from the global leaders with whom we have strong relationship


Threat Management and More

Threat management solutions are more focused on External threats which includes, Firewall, AntiVirus, AntiSpaming, AntiSpyware, VPN, Content Filtering and interestingly now patch management, testing Vulnerability and scanning at all levels like, End point, Network and Servers too. Active Directory plays another
key role in Monitoring and controlling the network devices,adding deleting and centrally monitoring each user access rights More serious threat is from internal users and if we go by what researchers have to say then more than 60% threats and Internal Data Loss prevention, Access Controls and Secure ID are among the few solution we offer and help clients to protect their valuable Assets – DATA

Patch & Vulnerability Management

Organizations today face a threat landscape that involves stealthy, targeted, and financially motivated attacks that exploit vulnerabilities in endpoint devices. Many of these sophisticated threats can evade traditional security solutions, leaving organizations vulnerable to data theft and manipulation, disruption of business-critical services, and damage to corporate brand and reputation. To stay ahead of this emerging breed of stealthy and resilient security threats, organizations must advance their endpoint protection. Antivirus Solution alone are not enough to deal with these complex situation, along with AntiVirus, AntiSpaming and Antispyware Solution, one has to deal with regular patches and ensure the Ports are not left open at all level, be it Desktop, Servers, Network or Application / has expertise in delivering services for Patch and Vulnerability Management solutions which is focused on proactively bridging the gaps and plug the weak point and help Manage better. We have been engaged in serving Unified Threat Management by clients like Barista Coffee, MGRM, Unitech, Carlsberg, Orient Tiles and
Satyam to name few

Reporting and Monitoring

We at Aerosys offer you best of Combination which is customized to your need and offers Flexibility of choosing the solution and Service which your Business Demands We have Strong experience of more than 20 year in servicing more than 10000 Clients and have been into offering Complete End to End Business Continuity Service and Planning which is a unique combination of Data Storage, Availability, Replication, DR and also Data Protection from Security Threats.

Data Loss Prevention

Data loss management at all levels, be it at the End point,Network or the server which basically addresses the Internal threats , It addresses end to end from Controlling the access rights of Users and Admin both , It has helps Organisation Protect their Intellectual Properties