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Our mission is to workout and customize all your IT  needs, so that you can Focus on your Business and have trouble free IT enviourment to achieve your goals”

Short term computer rental , long term computer rentals or desktop computer leasing can be an attractive and cost effective approach to meeting the demands of today's business environment for large multi national companies, SME, or one person business. With Aerosys you can choose from a wide range of IT rentals including desktop computers rental systems , Raid server hire , Apple Mac rental or Apple leasing , laptop hire or laptop leasing , networking equipment rentals , display hires , storage systems computer leasing, document scanning rental and much more. All computer hire products are available on rental terms from 3 days to 3 years offering the ultimate in flexibility to meet rapidly changing technical demands as well as fluctuating business volumes. If you are considering the purchase of IT equipment and have never considered computer rental, IT leasing or IT equipment hire then STOP! Now is the time to consider other options. To survive in today's business market your customers demand the best. This means fast reaction to changing circumstances, the ability to offer a top class product or service, and of course competitive pricing! Desktop computer hire or computer leasing may be your answer.

  Training needs   Seasonal Fluctuations   Specific events

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Renting IT equipment is the flexible option when dealing with fluctuating course numbers or different training venues. Including year end audits,for use by temporary staff,or to avoid costly downtime during relocation or maintenance work. Including presentations,  exhibitions, or foreign trips
Testing   Short term project   Budget constraints
For example, new software, or to "Try Before You Buy".Test driving a new product is the only way to be sureyou’re making the right decision before making the commitment to purchase. Requirements, to cover software development or to manage workload peaks. The capital may not always be available for the IT equipment you need, and the Purchasing.


With Aerosys you can choose from a wide range of IT rentals including desktop computers rental systems , Raid server hire , Apple Mac rental or Apple leasing , laptop hire or laptop leasing , networking equipment rentals , display hires , storage systems computer leasing, document scanning rental and much more.

Hosted Services

We delivers a combination of traditional IT functions such as IT infrastructure, applications (software as a service), security, monitoring, storage, web development, website hosting and email, over the Internet Includes (Web Server, Application Server, CRM/ERP Server, Mail Server, Accounting , Online Marketing, SMS Server & Bulk Mail Server) are hosted in Tear -III & Tear IV Data Center/ Cloud with Disaster Recover ,HA & Replication . which helps in availability reliability Scalability of IT Infrastructure and with 99.99% SLA.


CRM/ Business Management

Transform the way you work with Office 365 gives you virtually anywhere access to the Microsoft Office tools you know and rely on, plus business-class IT services that are easy to administer.Your complete office in the cloud.


Cloud Storage & Backup

Aerosys help you to setup cloud storage gateways eliminate tape, improve DR readiness and are 30 to 50% cheaper than disk and tape based solutions. Whitewater is built on industry-leading optimization, deduplication, and dual-layer encryption technology.


Products We Offer

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Networking Computing Hosted Servers Software
Routers Servers Mailing Ms Operating System
Managed Switches Laptop Accounting Ms Office
Switches Desktop Online Marketing Tally
Wifi AP UPS SMS Server
SAN Switch Printer Cloud Storge
Photo Copier
Security Storage & Backup Audio & Video CRM /Business Management
Antivirus NAS Projector Zoho
Firewall SAN Audio System Work Force
TAP Plazma office 365


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