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Business Continuity & Planning

Business Continuity & Planning is as simple as taking a Taxi, in case your own car fails, however think of your car failing in the mid of a Highway, when your business is on peak or it is Peak hour of IT transaction



We Simplify and put things together, The Experience, Manpower, Expertise and Of course your Vision along with Hardware and Software.

Understanding, Planning ,Calculating, Consulting, Implementation, Calculating & Forecasting ,Training, Marinating, Upgrading

Understanding & Planning

Simple Steps are to understand the investments made and the criticality of the Data and the IT assets, once the Priorities have been defined the next steps is to plan the implementation of hardware and software solution, before one would invest, testing and experiencing the solution, study of CDP, CRR, RPO & RTO are the key measuring points while moving on for BCP

Calculating & Consulting

Designing the Architecture, Calculating the Investments & returns (TCO and ROI). Phasing out the role out plan. Periodical checkpoints & Testing. Defining the Roadmap, Monitoring and Measuring. has to be studied.


Implementing and Training

Once the Plan has been tested and approved the role out and procurements plan has to be spelled, the Solution once again needs testing before the role out on the Production site. Implementation has to be documented with the next plan & phase.
Training, Testing and Monitoring on a regular basis makes the effective ROI

IT Management Cost

  •  Backup For Server
  •  Backup for Laptops and   Desktops
  •  Backup for NAS and SAN
  •  Remote office, Branch office   Backup (RPBO)
  •  Snapshot Backup
  •  Open file, Incremental,   Differential and Full Backup
  •  Backup to Disk (VTL) and Tape   (B2D2T)
  •  Daily, weekly & Monthly (GFS)
  •  Data De-Duplication (3D)   Backup
  •  DDD at Source and   Destination
  •  Security of Backup
  •  Remote management
  •  Ease and Web based   Management

Information Life Cycle Management

Information Life Cycle Management

  • Assessment of Infrastructure
  • Study of Data Retention
  • Assessment for
  • File Server
  • Data Base & Applications
  • Mails
  • Study on
  • Compliance Requirement
  • Business Requirement
  • Users
  • IT requirement
  • IT Management Cost and Time

Continues Data Protection & Continues Remote Replication - DR



  • Local Replication of
  • Database & ERP
  • File Server
  • Messaging application
  • Internet/Intranet Servers
  • High Availability
  • SAN to SAN replication
  • Remote office Backup
  • Consolidation
  • Clustering & Fault Tolerant